CNC3020 milling machine arrives

Posted on Friday, April 10th, 2015 in #liveupdates by Ian


Hacker Camp Shenzhen volume 4 was a huge success! It seemed like half the hackers were playing with CNC mills of some sort.

On the second day of camp I spent an awesome afternoon brainstorming CNC PCB making with Drew and hunting Depu market for copper clad, rivets and other parts. We also had the amazing minds of Alden and Ash providing guidance, both are involved with early reader Ril3y’s Tiny G Code interpreter and other motion control projects.

Two days ago we ordered a CNC3020 whilst at BBQ place late at night. It cost 3200 rmb all in, $530, and arrived in under 48 hours. Sjaak, Simon, and I are assembling it now and will post an update later today.

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  1. Max says:

    A friendly piece of advice from a fellow 3020 user – while you can never know which version of driver boards you get with this machine, you would be wise to check out the thread at and/or test your machine with a precision indicator for lost steps, because the usual boards seem to miss a few vital capacitors without which positioning seems to slowly drift, losing steps with every move. After the cap fix it worked fine for me though…

  2. Tom Keddie says:

    Hey Ian,

    Can you post the Taobao link perhaps?


  3. SUF says:


    This is my current ongoing project, what may interest you:


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