Arduino-assisted automatic 3D printed tea maker

If the earlier Arduino projects weren’t your cup of tea, try out this Automatic 3D Printed Tea Brewer. 24 Hour Engineer Brian McEvoy designed this project which uses the Arduino to control a servo which dunks the tea bag for a predetermined length of time for perfect brew control. The LCD readout provides information about the brewing time for various teas.

The Automatic Tea Maker is powered by the USB cable. The device clips to the side of your tea cup. When the dial on the device is turned, the display will tell you how long you need to wait while your tea is steeping. McEvoy’s evident loathing of oversteeped tea led him to include this feature. The text at the top of the display will tell you what kind of tea is steeped for that length of time, but here’s the caveat according to McEvoy: “These times are not universally agreed upon.”

The mechanical supporting parts are 3D printed.

Details, code and STL files can be found at Brian’s Instructables page.


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