Arduino equipped inline sensor skates

Anurag Mishra writes,

Recently I bought a new pair of Inline Skates. So an idea struck my mind. I modified my skates to give me some results. I wanted to measure the speed with which I am skating and if I get to know the surrounding conditions, that would be awesome. So, I brought an Arduino, an LDR, some LED’s, JHD 162a LCD display, HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor and a DHT11 temperature-humidity sensor.

A wheel of my skates has 8 spokes. I put a LED on one side of the wheel and a LDR on the other side. I am counting the number of pulses in one minute. These pulses are the blockages caused by the spokes to the LDR. Dividing the count by 8, I get the RPM and then Linear speed can easily be obtained.
While skating, a skate is not always on the ground, so I am measuring the RPM only when the skate is on the ground. This, I am doing with the HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor. I have explained this in my video.

All the readings- Speed, temperature and humidity are displayed on the LCD display.

It is portable and battery powered. To make it look fascinating I have put some LED’s for head light, tail light.

A second video is available on YouTube.
The code is available on GitHub.
The project description is on my site.

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