TAPR/DCC video: System on a Chip – Programming FPGAs for Mixed Signal Systems

Here is the first of a four-part video series recently posted from the 2014 TAPR/DCC conference in Austin, TX. This is from the DCC’s Sunday Seminar, “a four-hour deep dive” into a single subject, in this case FPGA programming for mixed signal systems.

“The presenter is amateur radio operator Chris Testa KD2BMH who is designing the Whitebox, the “HT of the Future.” It will be a multi-mode, multi-band ham radio that will look and work more like a smartphone: touchscreen display, apps, and all the analog and digital modes he can stuff in (and license). Chris is working with Bruce Perens K6BP on the Whitebox project. An FPGA will be the heart of the Whitebox radio, and its programming will be the brain. Chris explains in as much detail as a four-hour talk allows just what it takes to do that programming.”

The remaining videos can be found on YouTube under the HamRadioNow channel where they are made available thanks to the efforts of Gary Pearce KN4AQ.

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