Chrome RTL-SDR receiver app updated

When it comes to the RTL-SDR dongle, there’s an app for that! (At least a Chrome app.) The Chrome app store has the updated RTL-SDR Radio Receiver app available for download. It’s free and open source and is written 100% in Javascript. “Receive and listen to FM and AM radio broadcasts on your browser or ChromeBook using an RTL2832U-based USB digital TV tuner.”

Source code available on Github under the Apache 2.0 license.


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  1. TTT: No, it is actually 100% Javascript.

    There’s C++ source code in there, but it is not used. I wrote it when I thought I had reached the limit of what I could do with Javascript, but then I figured out a way to wring out more performance. All the demodulation code is spread between the dsp.js and all the demodulator-*.js files, and it is called from the decode-worker.js file, which is started as a JS worker in radiocontroller.js.

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