Reverse engineering the Panasonic AC infrared protocol

Posted on Sunday, December 28th, 2014 in infrared, reversed, USB IR Toy, wireless by the machinegeek

The AnalysIR Team hailing from Dublin, Ireland has just published a new article called. “Reverse engineering the Panasonic AC Infrared protocol”. If you’re into IR hacking with the USB IR Toy, check this out.

“AnalysIR is an advanced IR analyzer & decoder that works with Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, USB IR Toy, Teensy3, ChipKit Fubarino and the TI Tiva C + MSP430-F5529 LaunchPads (beta) connected to a Windows PC.” More information and download links can be found on the AnalysIR Team’s website. (NOTE: we realize it’s not open source/freeware, but it IS some pretty cool work product from a fellow hackerspace.)

Via the contact form.

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4 Responses to “Reverse engineering the Panasonic AC infrared protocol”

  1. GotNoTime says:

    The app is nice but there is a very annoying machine specific license activation code requirement. You run the app and it’ll generate a special code which you need to email to them. They’ll generate the required license key and then email that back to you.

    The datasheet does mention the per machine per email restriction but the website itself doesn’t. If you want to install this on multiple machines e.g. your desktop and your laptop then you won’t be able to.

  2. AnalysIR says:

    @GotNoTime Just saw your comment now.

    Glad you like AnalysIR and sorry you were annoyed. Unfortunately, there are no plans to change the activation code system in the near future, other than adding in more automation of the process. Once that system is in place the number of PCs allowed may be increased for all non-commercial users.

    Based on your comment/feedback, we have added more information on the main page . As you said this information is mentioned in the Data sheet which is prominent on every page on our website and this information is also on the original campaign page linked on the first line of the main AnalysIR page.

    FYI: We have always provided additional KEYs to any user that requested them for 2nd laptops/Home PCs etc.(non-commercial & reasonable) Hopefully this will be formalised during 2015.

    Finally, we are also happy to provide a full refund to you. Just email the request quoting your comment above – within 3 days. I don’t seem to have access to contact info for @GotNoTime via DP.

  3. AnalysIR says:

    The second part of this 2 part mini-series has been published covering the Mitsubishi AC protocol and is available here:

  4. AnalysIR says:

    Sorry the link in the previous comment should have been:

    Reverse engineering the Mitsubishi AC Infrared protocol

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