Video: FlexRadio open API

During the TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference in Austin last September, Stephen Hicks N5AC gave this presentation on interfacing with FlexRadio using their open API.

Part II of this presentation was given by Graham Haddock KE9H, and discussed the FlexRadio wavefrom API. It is available from HamRadioNow.

FlexRadio produces a series of high-end SDR’s, with the lowest price rig being the FLEX-1500 which geared toward the amateur radio community. It retails for about $700 an covers 490 kHz to 54 MHz.

Darryl Smith via the contact form.

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  1. flexradio are good if you want to transmit. If you are just starting out and only want to receive (or you don’t have a ham license) there are cheaper options.

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