DANGERCORE: PHP and Javascript developers needed


Good at PHP and/or Javascript and looking for part time projects? We need to hire a couple PHP and Javascript programmers to work with me on several large projects long term. Some of what we do will be open source immediately, some will need to be secured against hacks a bit first, some will be released as modules without our logos and templates.

On the PHP side we’re working with Codeigniter/Bonfire, on JS we’re all over JQuery. 10-20 hours a week, or more. Team players, able to use GIT. I’ve architected the majority of the system, but need help bringing it to life. We’ll live blog the development process and put the development live an on the internet as soon as its locked down enough to be deployed at dev.dangerousprototypes.com.

Please hit us up by the contact forum. Describe your strengths, link to any projects you’ve worked on, and include an hourly rate.

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