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Wanted a LTE SIM card for Hong Kong so ran up to Aplui street. There’s a few electronics stores here but it’s pretty tame. Once a someone said their factory contacts always brought them from China to Hong Kong to buy components, once they experienced Huaqiangbei they felt duped.

If you’re in Hong Kong on the way to Shenzhen and need a SIM, Aplui Street at Sham Shui Po stop is a good bet.


You’ll see tables of SIM cards like this. All with a value like 98HKD marked down to like 45HKD ($6).


We’ve used One2Free for years now. It seems a good mix of speed and cost. After you buy the card you have yo send an SMS or make a call to activate it. That might be difficult if you don’t know anyone, but the stand will usually help.

The package may or may not reveal that you can dial certainly codes to activate data bundles. My favorite is 300MB for 30days costing around 38HKD ($5). The codes I know are:

*101*833*2# 38HKD 300MB for 30days

*101*833*3# 88HKD 1GB for 30days

*101*832*3# 28HKD Unlimited for 1day

*101*832*4# 78HKD Unlimited for 1week

There is also an annoying interactive SMS menu available at #109# with all the current options.

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