DEFCON badge update

Parallax has announced the details on the DEFCON 22 badge. “The badge is based around the Propeller P8X32A 32-bit Multicore Microcontroller. The circuit consists of a Propeller (microcontroller, EEPROM, clock), an infrared LED and receiver for badge-to-badge communication, a bank of eight LEDs for visual feedback, four button touch pads and a USB circuit for data access and programming. Most importantly, this badge is useful well beyond DEFCON because it’s a complete Propeller development board. All I/Os, Vss, Gnd connections are clearly ported to the side of the badge so you can solder directly to the I/O pins or jump them off to a breadboard.”

Visit the Parallax DEFCON badge forum page for links to Badge Schematics, DipTrace Layout, as well as all related Propeller software tools. (After the con, they will release a zip file containing the Spin/ASM Badge Firmware.)

This is the second time DEFCON has based a badge on the Propeller, the first being DEFCON 20 in 2012. (We hope there will be an official sale of DEFCON 22 badges to hackers post con, as there was with the 2012 edition.)

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