Linux Foundation offers free online course

Jerry Cooperstein, PhD, Training Program Director at The Linux Foundation has announced the opening of their free online course, Introduction to Linux (Course number LFS101x).

The course is self-paced and should take between 40-60 hours to complete. We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the course and we’d love to hear when you complete it! Just tweet us at @LF_Training using the hashtag #LinuxMOOC, or leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ pages. Happy learning!

(The course is free to those wishing to audit the course or try for a certificate of achievement. If you want to earn a “Verified Certificate of Achievement” there is a $250 fee.)

To access the course, go to and log in using the email address and password you signed up with. (Or create a free edX account.) Once you’re logged in, click on the course name or the image of Tux the Linux penguin to launch the course. Read the announcement on the first page and follow the instructions.

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  1. As far as I can see – this “course” is NOT free. In order to see the actual content “e.g. Audit as they call it” you must divulge personal Information. 1. If I am wrong, please correct my post so as to clarify this. 2. If I am right, then DP, please REFRAIN from using the word “Free” in posts like this if what is being offered is in-fact not free.

    Another gotcha, If you try to “Register” for this course, you are led to a page that REQUIRES scripting be enabled on your machine. This is another case of Free not being anything close to Free. You MUST enable “” full access to scripting in your browser, and all the nefarious stuff that may happen as a result.

    Look – I’m not a Free software fanatic, but anything sanctioned by the Linux Foundation should not put these hurdles up – at least not without full disclosure in a simple and human readable way.

    Now I will try to post this comment to the DP Blog. Let’s see if the “Post Comment” button results in a time-out response as it has for – for ages.

    David in Jakarta

  2. I thought its free, and regestered for it and now it is asking debit card. Am I in wrong place or it is just not free..?

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