Execute Arduino code in a PIC MCU using MPLAB IDE

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 in Arduino, code, compilers, PIC by the machinegeek

Want to run Arduino code in a PIC MCU? “Here’s an approach that enables Arduino code to be configured for execution with the Microchip Technology PIC32MX250F128B small-outline 32-bit microcontroller. It uses the Microchip Technology MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB XC32 C Compiler and the Microchip Technology Microstick II programmer/debugger.”

Via Circuit Cellar.

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6 Responses to “Execute Arduino code in a PIC MCU using MPLAB IDE”

  1. octal says:

    Or use these tools directly ;)

  2. cyk says:

    Well, why not just using the Pinguino IDE?

  3. KH says:

    I can’t help but feel a little sad at the unhealthy fixation on the Arduino brand name. I guess this is what happens when proto boards are sold to the mass and the masses depend on brand names and the market panders to them. Then again, I don’t wear brand name clothes either so I guess I am not their target demographic… ;-)

    • S Gupta says:

      Long live the “No Logo”. I am also not someone’s billboard.

      It is unfortunate that Microchip has not supported an integrated Bootloader in MPLAB and/or MPLABX. Once that is done, the ease of development and code efficiency will simply outshine the “Arduino” bandwagon.

  4. Chis Nelson says:

    The reason there is a “fixation” with Arduino is that many other board and chip manufacturers only support costly tool chains or they are a pain to configure and use compared to Arduino. People want to write code, not wrestle with obtuse configuration issues.

  5. jeanmarc78 says:

    There is already the “chipKit” arduino extended IDE that support some PIC microcontrollers : MPIDE.
    They use an stk500 bootloader (arduino like) which is directly supported by MPIDE.

    From Microchip Direct, you can order some Pic with the bootload pre-installed then you will not need to have any other programmer :

    You can also buy a “Fubarino” dev board such as :

    Other chipKit compatible board are available from ebay …

    I have made some tests with a Fubarino mini board and that worked very well.

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