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Posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 in site, tools by the machinegeek

Dillon He writes with an update on EasyEDA, a web based EDA tool for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers and enthusiasts. It is the work of a tiny hacker team over a period of three years and nine months. It can be used by all hardware and operating system, whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari.

EasyEDA launches a free, zero-install, Web and cloud-based EDA tool suite, integrating powerful schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulation and PCB layout in a seamless cross-platform browser environment, for electronic engineers, educators, students and hobbyists. EasyEDA has extensive built-in schematic, spice and PCB libraries which can be easily extended using powerful symbol, model and footprint creation and editing tools.EasyEDA has integrated with DangerousPrototypes’ open source libraries, so the makers can build electronic stuff with DangerousPrototypes parts in EasyEDA easily.

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2 Responses to “EasyEDA web based design tool”

  1. boz says:

    After a few hours playing around on this I was quite impressed by its stability, large library and ease of use, I managed to create a simple circuit and begin laying out a PCB

    I do like the honest upfront FAQ when you first go to the site which seems to answer all the questions about security, sharing, offline use and long term support of browser based schematic capture, these questions are very important and the answers are honest and straight up and would sway me to use it if I was in the market for change.

    The user interface is quite intuitive with no major downers from my small play, the web UI is quite fast once loaded and is certainly quicker to get started on than Eagle, or even KiCad which I’ve recently moved too.

    I really miss the right-click menu a lot though and I couldn’t get a few things to work where I normally use right-click to help me out, these would probably have been easily explained if I had read the help files and I suspect with a little more use it would become fairly easy. I would need to try and convert one of my complicated designs to give a definitive answer though.

    Its a tough market to break, if you are in the market for change or a newbie it may be worth a try,

    I didn’t have to register or anything to do any of this by the way

  2. Bob Wareham says:

    I have tried it but would like some proper instruction videos with the spoken word to help but all I can find is videos with music I don’t dance so no good.

    Bob Wareham

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