SquareWear Mini chainable color LED matrix and animation design tool

Ray Wang writes about his recently completed project, the SquareWear Mini with All-New Chainable Color LED Matrix, and an Interactive Animation Design Tool.

The goal is to make standalone programmable color display gadgets. The LED matrix is chainable and can be seamlessly extended in both X and Y directions. The SquareWear Mini is essentially an Arduino running at 3.3V and 12MHz. It plugs directly to the LED matrix, and has built-in USB port, temperature sensor, light sensor, buzzer, Lithium charger, and 16KB EEPROM. I wrote a software in Processing that communicates with SquareWear with HID Serial, and allows the user to interactively design pixel patterns and even animations with sound. Check the video and my blog post for details.

Project details can be found at RaysHobby.

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