30C3 video: Programming FPGAs with PSHDL

In this presentation from the recent Chaos Communications Congress conference in Hamburg, Germany, Karsten Becker highlighted the Plain Simple Hardware Description Language (PSHDL) programming language for FPGAs. PSHDL is a new language that purports to have a much better syntax similar to C, making it easier for developers to learn. If you’ve tried to learn to develop programs for FPGAs, then you know the difficulties involved. There are mega downloads of vendor tools along with the complexities of learning a new language such as VHDL or Verilog. Karsten highlights how PSHDL aims to ease the learning curve significantly and provide more people with the ability to program FPGAs. He also discusses the goal of providing an Arduino-like IDE for FPGA development and programming.

[The presentation begins at 8:00.]

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