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Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2014 in ARM, News, tutorials by the machinegeek

Jonathan Valvano, professor at The University of Texas at Austin informs us of his upcoming embedded systems course.

Myself and Professor Yerraballi are teaching a course this semester in collaboration with edX called UT.6.01x Embedded Systems: Shape the world. It is an online class (aka MOOC) introduction to embedded systems. The class starts Jan 22 2014 and is unique in that it requires hardware, we believe that embedded systems cannot be taught without hardware, thus we are innovating and creating the first online class with a physical world lab component.

Students will need either a Stellaris LaunchPad or a Tiva LaunchPad. All the projects developed in this course will run on either of these MCU boards.

More information can be found on the UTexas course website and the edX course site.

While there is a fee for those requesting certification of completion, it is free for those who wish to audit the course.

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6 Responses to “Online course – Embedded Systems: Shape the world”

  1. Peter says:

    Picture of a Seeduino (i.e. Arduino clone) when the above mentioned class uses an ARM cored Tiva or Stellaris.

  2. Mr. Cruz says:

    I count at least three good pictures of Tiva MCUs on the edX course., and you still used a bad picture…

  3. Nick Leijenhorst says:

    This sounds really great. At college we started with STM32L-Discovery boards but the classes are so bad and we’re just toggling LED’s with libraries using #define’s using more #define’s. I’d love to move away from the Atmel chips to program ARM, but there is so much to learn. I will definitely give this course a shot. I assume it will teach ARM programming?

    • Tom P. says:

      According to the course details all the programming is in C using Keil uVision. I have fiddled about a bit with Energia but learning C for Stellaris has seemed incredibly daunting so these course materials might be helpful for me.

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