MIT unveils Android App Inventor2

Posted on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 in Android, code, site by the machinegeek

The App Inventor group at MIT have unveiled App Inventor2. You may be familiar with the App Inventor project when it was previously featured. (At that time it was known as Google App Inventor.) Essentially it helps you build Android apps using a graphical interface which is useful for quick coding and debugging, and is especially helpful to new developers unfamiliar with coding.

Those familiar with the original app inventor will find a number of important changes including that App Inventor is now entirely in the browser. Previously to run App Inventor you needed to install and run a Java file called the Blocks Editor. Now, the Blocks Editor is just a different mode in your project that is viewed from the browser. Also all blocks are available on the left side. There is no longer a need to switch between Built-In, My Blocks, and Advanced drawers. The source code file is now a “.aia” file instead of a “.zip” file

For complete information on using App Inventor2 visit the project’s MIT homepage.

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  1. Cyk says:

    Only usable with a google account.
    No thanlks.

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