Update: HackRF based SmartNet radio monitor

We previously posted about the GNURadio based scanner for SmartNet II digital radio systems. Now Luke Berndt has updated his project info and has posted samples of the decoded system audio online.

It has taken a lot of futzing, but I have my HackRF recording the Washington DC’s Fire Dept radio system and making it playable on the web.

The website to listen to it is at Openmhz, and a writeup on it is here.
The DC Fire system is a SmartNet II trunking system that has digital voice channels. The recording part of my system is a C++ program that uses GnuRadio to capture and decode the trunking control channel and then creates recorders to capture radio calls. The digital audio is then decoded using DSD and uploaded to my website.

All of the code is up on GitHub, including the code for the website. Hopefully the code is useful to others!

The channels are spread out over 5MHz, so it is great that the HackRF can easily cover it.

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