HP laptop security flaw discovered using RTL-SDR


Cronek reports discovering a security flaw in the microphone on certain HP laptops. Using his RTL-SDR dongle and SDR# he observed unusual signals around 24 MHz. He discovered that his HP EliteBook 8460p laptop computer was continuously and unintentionally transmitting the audio from the built in microphone at 24 MHz in FM modulation anytime the laptop was turned on.

You can read the complete post on Reddit.

Via RTL-SDR.com.

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  1. “I have checked identical laptops and they do not transmit at this frequency” from the original post, very specific “certain” laptops with the current info.

  2. Does it mean I’m paranoid if I check each of my laptops for the same after reading this?

  3. To answer my own question: I see that I would possibly be paranoid for doing this, after reading the explanation following a discovery by tgaz with comments by lcrs. I recommend observing their comments in the original redit.

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