Seeedstudio BareDuino Nano — smallest Arduino yet

Seeedstudio has announced what may be the smallest Arduino compatible board yet. The BareDuino Nano was designed by 15 year old maker Niek Blankers from the Netherlands, and sports the same processing power as Arduino Uno in a 21×14 mm footprint and includes an FTDI programming interface and on-board voltage regulator. The board’s pin spacing is 1.27mm.

The BareDuino lists for $18.90 from Seeedstudio.

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  1. Cal-Eng has had small Arduino compatible boards with h-bridges for a while:

    nanoduino-ns robot controller
    microduino robot controller

    But note that the FTDI converter is *not* on these boards. I don’t really care.

    I have been happily playing with the microduino for a few months. With just a bit of shaving off the sides it fits nicely in the width of 2 AA batteries. Use the rest of the battery bay for LiPo battteries and conversions of battery powered toys become much cleaner.

  2. $18.90 for about $7 worth of parts including PCB. Add the cost of assembly and fulfillment and I’d say there’s still a tidy margin there…

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