Mobile POV device uses Parallax Propeller

Posted on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 in gadget, LEDs, Parallax Propeller by the machinegeek

Here’s a unique mobile POV device using the Parallax Propeller. Gareth (chiprobot) designed this gadget using the Propeller MCU driving eight UV LEDs, blasting UV light onto a phosphorescent sheet of vinyl. He says the coding utilizes the Propeller’s built-in ROM character map, so code size is very small (i.e., no big data tables). You can find code snippets and project data in his postings on the Parallax Propeller forum.

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  1. Paresh Mathur says:

    First, I think this is not persistence of vision because it does not use… persistence of vision. Second he can use some motor speed compensation to make his bot travel straight. But the effect is very cool.

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