Free PDF of “Hacking the Xbox” in honor of Aaron Swartz

Our friend Andrew “bunnie” Huang along with No Starch Press have decided to release a free ebook version of Hacking the Xbox in honor of Aaron Swartz. Bunnie writes, “As you read my book, I hope that you’ll be reminded of how important freedom is to the hacking community and that you’ll be inclined to support the causes that Aaron believed in.”

If you haven’t heard of the tragic persecution of Aaron Swartz by the US Government and academic community read this article from Rolling Stone online.

Hacking the Xbox is one of the finest books on reverse engineering ever written. Even though it covers the original Xbox (not 360), the lessons contained therein and analytical processes presented serve as a primer for both beginners and experienced hackers alike, serving as an inspiration for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the workings of the tech you bought and paid for. You can find the link to Hacking the Xbox (PDF version) at No Starch Press.

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  1. The article tells the story of Aaron blogging about having a crush on a girl. When someone repeats the story in public, he is upset that they revealed his “secret”.
    Releasing information freely has consequences. Sometimes, you may not like them.

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