Authoritative GNU Radio training videos

Want free, in depth training on GNU Radio from an authoritative source? Then you’ll want to spend four hours viewing this series of videos by Tom Rondeau, KB3UKZ, the GNU Radio project manager since 2009. Tom provides a detailed, in-depth study of this Software Defined Radio experimental and development system. These videos are taken from the 2012 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communication Conference, held in Atlanta, GA.

Here are the links to subsequent presentation hours:
Hour Two.
Hour Three.
Hour Four.

NOTE: Per the conference organizers, the Linux/GNU Radio live DVD mentioned in these videos is NOT available for purchase or download due to licensing issues. (This is understandable, but on an editorial note it’s regrettable that the open source movement in general, and SDR related projects in particular, seem to be increasingly mired in licensing controversies.)

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  1. @mossman, Thanks for the Pentoo tip. How did you discover a pen-test distro had Gnu Radio built-in? Are there any more out there like this?

    I was thinking the same thing today after reading this DP blog post and remembered there was a Fedora Spin called Fedora Electronics Lab (FEL) for electronics applications that may have Gnu Radio. But FEL seems to be an abandoned project:

    I’d like to find a live distro that has not only Gnu Radio but QUCS (the Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) on it…

  2. Pentoo is maintained by a friend of mine who is also a wireless security researcher. In addition to host and network security tools it features much useful wireless software for things like Ubertooth and SDR.

    At its core it is simply a Gentoo overlay, so you can easily turn an existing Gentoo box into Pentoo. Gentoo has been my favorite distro for several years, but I have sometimes told newer Linux users to avoid it because of the difficult installation process. Pentoo removes that difficulty.

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