ITU radio regs online FREE for limited time

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 in documentation, RF, site by the machinegeek

Drone has sent us this information which should be interesting to radio comm enthusiasts around the world.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has decided to offer the current (2012) full set of “Radio Regulation” documents (Volumes I-IV) for FREE download for a limited time (through mid-2014 perhaps). Yes, this set includes the “ITU-R” documents.

The full Radio Regulations set costs 398 CHF (Swiss Francs), or about $420 USD. If you want individual documents from the set, you have to pay dearly for those too.

The document set is available in six languages and may be downloaded in .pdf and/or .docx format. Each download is a single .zip archive that runs from 19MB (English .docx version) to 25MB (English .pdf version).

While the ITU says the download is “free”, actually you have to enter a name, title, and an Email address for each download. You may download multiple times. You may tick a box to NOT opt-in to Email updates from the ITU by default when you submit the download form.

If you like, you may enter false data (including a fake Email address), and the download will still work. (Man, I’m probably going to DCMA Jail for telling you that!)

However, if you are a Telecommunications Professional, you are probably already receiving ITU email updates – or will want to.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a personal electronic copy of these otherwise unaffordable documents – don’t let it slip away! Now, if only the ITU would open up all their documents…

Actually these documents should be free all the time. Taxpayers, through their member countries pay for the ITU; so having to pay for ITU documents is a form of double taxation!

Here is the the link to these valuable online docs.

Via the contact form.

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6 Responses to “ITU radio regs online FREE for limited time”

  1. John P says:

    Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks :)

  3. cuagn says:

    Thank you for this information


    • Drone says:

      Thanks Asm, I should have provided these direct download links in my Contact Form message to D.P.

      BTW these volumes are often referred to as the “ITU Red Books” because – the covers are red ;-)

      Regards, Drone

  4. Jerry Lueger says:

    Thanks for the info

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