PE 968A solder paste dispenser


This is a air driven solder paste dispenser with suck back for precise solder droplets. Size of droplets and repeat interval are set on the front panel. Dip switches on the back control 16 different modes.

Seems to be exactly the same at similar 983a dispensers on aliexpress but a whole lot cheaper in Shenzhen. Manual is Chinese only but the good parts are translated over at eevblog forum.

Solder dispenses when the foot pedal is pressed. Pretty typical. But it also has a finger trigger that slides over the solder syringe. Didn’t notice that when I bought it.

This needs an air compressor with at least 70psi but preferably 100psi. That won’t get here until tomorrow.

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  1. Got one of those myself but not going around to hooking up an air supply yet. Looking forward to seeing how you do it!

  2. Looks very interesting. I am thinking about getting one of these so any information/review would be great.

  3. seems that cheap compresors for filling tires give around 250 psi.
    what was the price for this unit? (not after you got it down), so I know which prices to look for on ebay

    1. 300rmb, which is like 45-48USD. If you find it on aliexpress, etc, look for the 963A (same thing as far as I can tell) which will run $150 + shipping. Not cheap! If you can wait, I might do a group buy when I am back in China in March.

      1. that would be interresting!
        Not in a hurry, my stencil fixture is under production (the tindie fundraiser), and it is interresting to see what you learn here about the various things.
        The smd sucker seems to be fairly easily avilable on ebay at good prices, but the dispenser seems to be expensive.
        Same with the ir reflow oven, but it will be interresting to see your expenrience on those three options you have first.

    1. That would be the idea. I’d gather orders for stuff I like from distributors I have a relationship with and try to get a deal. Stuff would go over to Susie Shipper and go direct to the participants. Import and local regulatory requirements are entirely on you.

      There are a couple reasons I think it could be cool. First, I seemed to get really great prices on stuff that is difficult to find online (and that I really like, such as the reflow oven) and could pass that on while building better relationships with the distributors and shippers. Second, if we all kind of standardize on a few cheap (hackable?) tools we can share updates and hacks within the community. Finally, if I can pool enough orders maybe I can pay for these ludicrous commutes to China every (few) months (at least the visa fees!) :D

      1. Adding, shipping would be a pain. Under 20KG it’s freaking expensive (say $100 minimum per order), but at 21 it drops to $70 total and climbs much slower. It’s really best if you get reflow oven plus solder dispenser plus hot plate plus board heater plus etc. That way it gets to the 20KG mark. Stuff is so cheap it really pays for itself though.

  4. Time to start socking away money ( woohoo, PayPal ) for the group buy of these:
    – hot plate
    – reflow oven
    – solder dispenser
    – board heater

    Well, at least a few of those… I like the idea of all having similar tools. I see a tools tips/tricks and hacks posts coming.

  5. Wow, you got that for a great price.

    I highly doubt you will need a 70-100psi compressor for that. For solder paste, I keep mine at about 30. If you got anywhere near 70psi, you would have a good chance of blowing the syringe off the holder (ask me how I know). Which brings me to an important tip…

    Use the syringes and plungers that came with the unit! They have very low “stiction” characteristics which is critical for the unit’s performance. Initially I tried using some chipquick syringes and nothing would come out. I would then try to crank up the pressure to finally allow the paste to flow when I pressed the actuator but then it wouldn’t stop! Changing the tip size didn’t help one bit, but squeezing the contents into one of the supplied syringes worked great, even with the smallest tip!

  6. Ian, compressors are usually really loud. If this is an issue for you consider looking at ex dental units, they’re quieter – i knew a builder in Aus who had one, was such a pleasure to work with compared to the beast I have. Cheers, Tom

    1. Got the compressor. It’s cute, but probably a 24L would have been better. It seems to need to (loudly!) add air after a dozen or so shots with the dispenser. Have not got the dispenser working yet. Even at 100PSI nothing comes out. I can see the plunger move and the hardware works great, but I think there is too much paste in the syringe and it’s like the Mr. Wizard experiment where a tissue over a paper towel tube filled with salt can withstand a broomstick blow…

      Will try some more once the neighbors wake up :)

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