853 PCB preheating station


A PCB preheater warms boards before removing parts for repair. This makes it easier and less traumatic to remove big parts like smd voltage regulators, TQFP and BGA chips. The hot plate can serve dual use as a preheater, but as the preheater manual explains this won’t work for PCBs with placement on both ends. This isn’t really a must have, but since seeing one in Bunnies workshop we’ve been on the lookout for one. List price was about 40 bucks before negotiation.

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  1. Do you use this to heat the board up to say 100C or 150C and then use a air reflow gun to just heat the component up that final amount to enable removal?

    1. Yes, though supposedly you can get it hot enough to just lift stuff off with tweezers. I think this is a pretty poor model, I would have gotten the Atten if I saw it. This has pretty poor heating responsiveness to changes up and down, and seems to ride about 20 degrees over the set point.

      1. I think having components that hot for any length of time would not be very good for them. Possibly shorten their life at least.

        Do you know what the model number is of the Atten one you think might be better?

  2. Just wondering, can you also solder SMD parts this way by placing everything on the board first and then use the heater?

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