Maybe Mouser will give us free stuff?

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 in News by Ian


A few months ago Bearmos was kind enough to nominate us for an award. It’s crazy that an open source hardware hobby habit would get this out of hand!

President/engineer/entrepreneur, Dangerous Prototypes
[Ian] is leading the industry in creating open-source hardware. He runs Dangerous Prototypes, whose Bus Pirate has become extremely popular among hackers/makers, as well as professional engineers. Through Dangerous Prototypes, he has proven that a fully open environment for hardware development is a viable business solution and can be looked up to by makers everywhere.

Thank you so much for being part of this hacker community, and thank you Bearmos for the nomination.

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7 Responses to “Maybe Mouser will give us free stuff?”

  1. Tom Price says:

    Way to go! And yes, now that you have given Mouser a plug… :)

  2. Peter says:

    Congratulations! It is nice to see you being recognized for your work and contributions to the EE community. Does this mean we have to salute you if we see you now?

  3. Raja Balu says:

    Ian, Congratulations! Best wishes for continued success.

  4. vimark says:

    congratulations Ian. Clap-clap

  5. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Well done Ian

  6. kevin says:

    That is great, congrats Ian and team :D

  7. ewertz says:


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