Shopping with students from Penang


Met up with a group of grad students from Penang Malaysia and took them to my favorite shops to buy tools. Here they are wheeling a cart full over to Susi at shippers row. Also met up with TJ from Indonesia. Thanks guys! It was a ton of fun and we built better relations with our suppliers and shipper.

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    1. It’s a Chinese instant messaging/chat system. Pretty much like MSN Messenger. Very popular in China where most businesses have a QQ address as an option for contacts among phone, fax and email.

      1. Hi Matseng & Ian,

        Yes, I know about the QQ Instant Messaging (IM) phenomenon in Asia. That’s the reason I was asking.Bear with me for a moment here…

        QQ when it comes to freight and logistics is an interesting term. It is used to denote the Consignee of a shipment when being trans-shipped through a forwarder. For example when shipping to XYZ company in Jakarta through a Singapore Forwarder ABC company, the Ship To: is ABC company but the end destination is to the Consignee: “QQ XYZ Company”.

        Sometimes when a “shadow” consignee is used to trans-ship in an attempt to consolidate freight and/or circumvent customs and duties for a select destination, the forwarder may be named the consignee under “QQ”.

        The acronymn QQ (or Q.Q.) has some obscure yet interesting history. It is commonly accepted that QQ stands for “Qualitate Qua”, a Dutch term derived from Latin roughly translated as “In the Capacity Of”. This term is likely a hold-over from the era of the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; abbreviated VOC) which was formed in 1602 and held monopolistic sway for decades in Colonial Asia.

        It may be that the Chinese QQ IM service derived it’s name from the shipping acronymn QQ. I have no further information about that – just a stab in the dark.

      2. >>Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie – VOC

        And their final resting place (last grand building) is directly across the alley from my apartment :)

    1. Are you at Universiti Sains Malaysia? If so at the Pulau Pinang or the Nibong campus? If you’re at Nibong you can say hi to a acquaintance of me there, Vincent Kok :-)

      You had quite a few big boxes there – I’m curious of what you got….

      1. Hi Mats Engstrom, Yup we are in Nibong Tebal, which Department is he from I’ll say hi for you. I’m curious as well, how do you know the campus in Nibong Tebal, it is middle of nowhere.

        We bought reflow oven, soldering station, soldering dispenser, IC placer, some are in sets of 2 :). All this with the guide of Ian.

  1. I think he’s in electrical engineering or something like that…. I’ve sent him some electronic stuffs and chatted a lot with him on Facebook – that’s how I know about the Nibong Tebal campus. Otherwise it would just have been another dot on the map. Is the campus visible from the lebuhraya? I’ll keep an eye open for it on my next trip up there….

    I also need to get one of those pneumatic soldering dispenser, I saw that Ian got one too. I’m a bit jealous now, so I think I’ll pick one up on my next trip to sz.

    1. Will let you know about the paste dispenser when it arrives. Should be Friday, but one of current boxes is now delayed in customs so who knows. I am looking at air compressors later today :)

      1. I can’t say, but maybe that is what the vacuum setting I noticed does? I got the most expensive one (ranging from 20-45USD) with the most dials, buttons, and digital displays. The instructions have an english section, but I only confirmed and never read through.

      2. “Should be Friday, but one of current boxes is now delayed in customs so who knows” – Customs are wondering why you have a pet rock in your freight ;)

    2. It is now the semester break I will say hi to him after the semester break is over. It’s not visible from the Lebuhraya you would have to exit Bandar Baharu or Jawi (are you Malaysian?). What usually do when you come down here?

      Hahaha it was also Ian who introduce the soldering dispenser, if so we thought why not give it a try as well.

      1. Ollright, thanks.

        No, I’m Swedish, but I’ve lived in KL for the last 3+ years under the MM2H Malaysia My Second Home -programme.

        I usually take the bus from KL up to Penang and stay a few days at some cheap hotel at Batu Ferringhi for some lazy days at the beach and some Arabic food. And I make sure not to miss the best cendol in Malaysia from the small stall at Penang road. And the laksa from the stalls along the road to Ferringhi…. Mmmm… I think I have to go up there again very soon….

      2. Wow, alright that is interesting, do tell me when you are in Penang :). And if I’m around KL I might say hi :)

  2. I’m just waiting to see the dog treat box modified to dispense rock treats! – hmm, what do you give rocks/bricks for a treat anyway? How about a dollop of mortar?

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