Out of Shenzhen: Nannie Sunday in Central


Hong Kong nannies, mostly from the Philippines, have Sunday off. Thousands of nannies gather and setup camp along Central Hong Kong island. Its absolutely one of the coolest things to see on a Sunday afternoon, and a great chance to practice my 4 Pinyo vocabulary words – salamat, oo, hindi, and seget (spelled phonetically).

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  1. Most are from the Philippines, many are from Indonesia. I live in Indonesia where the keeping of “Maids” is a regular practice amongst the elite. I have very mixed feelings about this. One part of me says many of these poor souls would otherwise be living abject poverty, another part says this is akin to slavery. These people receive barely enough to live on after sending most of their earnings back to their family; from whom they are forced to leave.

    1. David, I would say that this barely enough to live on is grossly exaggerated. Hong Kong has set salaries and most nannies don’t really need to keep themselves housed and alive, since that’s done by the employer. In Shenzhen the current salaries for nannies are already over the average of white collar workers who have to pay for their own food and living AND support family back in the countryside as well. We have experience that foreign nannies especially in Shenzhen are unreliable – we have had 5 nannies and only one of them ( a 45 y/o Phillipina) kept to the contract we made – and kept to.

      So it’s not so strange employers keep them short. We are not going to hire a foreign nanny again. We’re fed up with them. We pay well and we’re nice people and our kids are really a joy to deal with – they all agreed on that – but we’re done with the unreliability and greedyness

      1. I like going there on the way out because my flights don’t leave until 2am and there’s always a big show. Dances, costumes, food, skits and plays, and other cool stuff. Great way to spend a few hours on Sunday!

      2. I had leche (is that right? Lechon?) Today. The roasted pig with crispy skin. Yum yum. First time I saw it there.

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