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Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2012 in DIY, PCBs, tutorials by the machinegeek


Jianyi Liu wrote a tutorial on PCB fabrication at home. He states, “A few years ago, I started experimenting with homemade prototype PCBs as an alternative to professionally fabricated PCBs from board manufacturing company. My company was flexible enough to give me some resources and time to explore the subject matter. What I discovered was that with a small initial investment, you can make reasonably high quality two sided boards. In addition, all the equipment needed was easily accessible. I’ve decided to put my findings into this guide. Hopefully some of my fellow hobbyists will find the information useful.”

Via the contact form.

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  1. hak8or says:

    For anyone even considering going to 33pcb, here is some information.
    If you are a student, you can do just one $33 pcb! That is a very good price for such a large PCB, but here is the catch. They charge an unusually high shipping cost, which they group together with their *handling* cost, reaching $17.76, and they don’t tell you this till after you submit the order and they fab it and everything.

    So, your advertised board is not $33, but instead $50.76. If I knew shipment of the board would be that much more expensive I would have not purchased from them in the first place, and because of such a shady practice of not telling you the shipping and handling cost until after they fabricate it, they have lost a customer for a very long time. Unless they changed this of course, as I ordered this on 01/05/2011.

    • hak8or says:

      Also, to the guy that wrote the blog, the diagrams you are using for describing a PCB are from altium I believe, please leave credit where credit is due.

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