EHSM open source meeting in Berlin December 28-30

Posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 in conferences, open source by the machinegeek

Kaspar writes informing us of the premiere of the uniquely named Exceptionally Hard and Soft Meeting (EHSM) which will be held in Berlin, Germany on December 28-30, 2012. “EHSM is turning out to be something like the OSH Summit this side of the pond. Online sales are closing on the 16th so I am just helping in a bit of a publicity push.”

Visit the EHSM website for a full list of speakers and more details.

Via the contact form.

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4 Responses to “EHSM open source meeting in Berlin December 28-30”

  1. megabug says:

    Well at the same time the 29C3 is taking place in Bonn… which imho is the event to go to! :D

    Maybe I’ll be there this year.

  2. han hon says:

    Bonn ?
    According to it’s Hamburg, what a shame, I would have loved to attend BOTH EHSM and 29C3 !

    and according to one of CCC’s guys, EHSM sounds more interesting :

    take with a bucket of salt, of course.

  3. megabug says:

    Oh, of course Hamburg! Wasn’t really awake when posting. Sorry.

  4. Kaspar says:

    Thanks for blogging this! We will be streaming the talks live at:

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