Shenzhen day 3: The North East quadrant

Today we mapped the most expansive part of Hua Qiang Bei parts market, the quadrant with the famous SEG market building. SEG is the best known, but there are a dozen other buildings too.

Most buildings have some combination of cell phones and accessories, but there’s some good parts shops too. Check the pics below of:

  • The security market, 2 buildings of security cameras, walkie-talkies, and other stuff. We even found a cell phone jammer
  • Circuit boards with raw CCD imaging sensors
  • PCI computer boards for multiple camera inputs
  • Tiny camera sensors
  • Goegtu, a suspiciously Google-alike shop
  • USB stick and SD card building. They’ll stick a USB stick inside the dongle of your choice. Also a ton of SD cards by the tray load, no idea if they are genuine but they sure are prolific at more than 200 stands
  • Fairwhale – not electronics related, but so close to fail whale that it almost seems like the sign just has a slight fail of its own

We also visited a few factories in the last couple days and will post pics as soon as we can download them from the cameras.

Tomorrow we visit the market once again, this time in the company of the great Eric Pan, founder and CEO of Seeed Studio.

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    Sorry, but i just had to ask, you have been there 2 or 3 times, they should be somewhere…

    Best Regards

    1. Hi,
      Well basicly none of them speak any english what so ever. You can find a few that can speak a few words but that is really rare. Basicly you need to point to the thing you want, and point to a calculator, or some similar device, or say “how much for this in chinese”..

      the market in my very limited experience, is not realy hobiest friendly, chnaces are that you will most likely pay more then you would if you bought it of ebay… If you’re there on bussness, to source parts, i makes a lot of sence to get a translator, or be introduced to people in the stands by someone that knows them, and does busness with them…

      It is a blast to be surounded by milions of transitors, leds, LCDs, Tools, and ICs…

  2. Sorry for no live comments or tweetz. Internet has been really spotty here this time. I am keeping a running FAQ post and will put it up probably Monday.

    Happy turkey day.



  3. Careful there. Most products are fake. SD cards, my personal experience.. they are no good at all.
    USB sticks, same thing. Mobile phones.. help. A Samsung for 35 dollars, fake of course. Iphone5 fake 40 dollars. Tablets, my god. I bought 10 there. 10 times defective screen after only 2 weeks of usage.
    Golden rule in China: You can buy anything at any price. Of course the quality is plain junk.
    No Chinese person will buy Chinese products. Did you guys notice the cars on the streets ? Mostly imports. Why ? The Chinese do not last and warranty is a thing which needs Chinese people to understand it. IF the part that is defective is over 6 months, you pay.

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