Shenzhen day 2: Other stuff

We also mapped the South West quadrant (empty, consumer electronics only), and the North West quadrant (a dozen buildings with 6-7 floors each, including the 6 floor international LED building).

Here’s some of our highlights, including:

  • Some sort of passive component pick and place
  • Multiple stores selling only one type of component like zener diodes, tantalum capacitors, etc
  • A cheap and foldable quadracopter
  • Water cooled CNC PCB mill. Sweet!
  • A knob store, these are impossible to pick correctly out of a catalog and the variety was amazing
  • New buildings. Last time this was just a frame, 8 months later you can see the basic layout. Construction is going on constantly everywhere in the market.

Tomorrow we’ll map the North East section, by far the most action packed part of the market that includes the well-known SEG market building.

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    1. The belt drive looks like it is for a lathe/ -4th axis. This can be made to work well, check out bell-Everman rotary stages. Although Bell-Everman know some tricks like using a really stiff steel core belt wound very tight to get minimum backlash, the Chinese not so much.

  1. We have “knob stores” over here you know – although some people refer to them as “The Apple Store”.

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