Tutorial: STM32 boards and TFT LCD touchscreens

Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 in LCD, tutorials by the machinegeek

Zizzle has completed a tutorial for working with the STM32 boards and the TFT LCD + touch screens that you see on Ebay. He reports, “I’ve made a download Ubuntu Virtualbox image with the toolchain, OpenOCD, Eclipse and an example project.” He notes that the Bus Blaster was very helpful in his research. The video above shows a portion of the touch screen demo.

For the tutorial and more videos visit Zizzle’s blogpage.

Via the contact form.

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5 Responses to “Tutorial: STM32 boards and TFT LCD touchscreens”

  1. tinito says:

    About the STM32 toolchain, I would also point out ChibiStudio, an eclipse setup packed with ChibiOS (but you can use it also without the RTOS), the toolchain, OpenOCD, eclipse plugins to inspect registers and so on.
    There is the windows version on ChibiOS sourceforge repository (here: ) while the “unofficial” linux version is here:

  2. eff zog says:

    Am I the only one who wanted you to press the “frobnicate” button? …. well?

    just me then, (sigh)

  3. Tim says:

    This article appealed to me & I wanna get my feet wet with JTAG debugging. I’ve ordered a recommended ARM/LCD board from China and one of your Bus Blasters.

    My experience is limited … things like FTDI, Arduino. I have a lot to learn! In the meantime, there’s something I’m wondering about. I have some other ARM/LCD/camera boards from China without JTAG. They do have a large 20-pin connector labelled GPIO. I’m wondering about getting at the code on these boards – modding, debugging. I don’t know what’s possible or what direction to go in. I realize this is extremely vague but any clue as to what I might look into would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. wisementor says:

    Nice development toolchain for Code::Blocks 12.11 with integrated ST-Link/V2 and dedicated debugger support you find here.

  5. lei says:

    could you share your source code with me . I am
    doing the similar project.could u leave your contact information

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