Tutorial: STM32 boards and TFT LCD touchscreens

Zizzle has completed a tutorial for working with the STM32 boards and the TFT LCD + touch screens that you see on Ebay. He reports, “I’ve made a download Ubuntu Virtualbox image with the toolchain, OpenOCD, Eclipse and an example project.” He notes that the Bus Blaster was very helpful in his research. The video above shows a portion of the touch screen demo.

For the tutorial and more videos visit Zizzle’s blogpage.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Am I the only one who wanted you to press the “frobnicate” button? …. well?

    just me then, (sigh)

  2. This article appealed to me & I wanna get my feet wet with JTAG debugging. I’ve ordered a recommended ARM/LCD board from China and one of your Bus Blasters.

    My experience is limited … things like FTDI, Arduino. I have a lot to learn! In the meantime, there’s something I’m wondering about. I have some other ARM/LCD/camera boards from China without JTAG. They do have a large 20-pin connector labelled GPIO. I’m wondering about getting at the code on these boards – modding, debugging. I don’t know what’s possible or what direction to go in. I realize this is extremely vague but any clue as to what I might look into would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. could you share your source code with me . I am
    doing the similar project.could u leave your contact information

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