Earthmake debuts ArduinoLCD

Earthmake has announced the release of the ArduinoLCD, a combination Arduino UNO board and ezLCD into a single product capable of accepting all Arduino
compatible shields. The ezLCD is a 3.5″ TFT color LCD with 320 x 240 resolution and 65k colors. The combo may be programmed using the Arduino IDE and the Arduino ezLCD library. They’ve also include an API known as EarthSEMPL (Simple Embedded Macro Programming Language) which is fully explained in the User Manual.

ArduinoLCD is available at the introductory price of $79 until November 11, 2012 from Earthmake.

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  1. Oh yeah !….. Can´t resist buying Arduino stuff, I´ve just ordered one of theese, can´t wait for mine to arrive here in Denmark even when the danish custom adds 25% import tax and a handling fee of $25 :-(

    1. wow, same as in Norway then, I thought we were alone about that :), everything that costs more than 200NOK gets tax and handling fee..

  2. Hi

    Finaly my ArduinoLCD cleared the danish custom and landed in my mailbox today ! :-)

    After running the first test I must say it’s very easy to use and program if you are just a little bit used to the Arduino.
    The “first step” guide could be better but at least it was ok for me to get started ;-)

    …..and the bad thing, the danish custom did their job and added $ 45,- in handling fee and tax – just gotta love it or not ;-)

    Bo :o)

  3. For those interested…. I have made a small video of the project I’m currently working on with the ArduinoLCD.
    The project pulls the information from sensors attached to my heating system and displays the values on the ArduinoLCD.
    Work is still in progress but the video gives you a good idea of the ArduinoLCD.

    The video can be found here.:

    Bo :o)

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