Tuitwall displays Tweets on LED matrix

tuitwall is a project that will allow you to show Tweets in a LED matrix. It’s based on an Arduino, an ethernet shield, a LED matrix that has its controller, a Holtek HT1632C and a PHP backend that interfaces with Twitter. Its designer Santiago Reig explains: “The webpage, written in PHP, allows a user to login with their Twitter account and show their Tweets in the LED matrix. It also shows the status, as the last Tweet shown, logged user, type of Tweets (timeline, mentions, your own ones) and optionally a video stream. There is a configuration file, so lots of things can be tweaked to your liking or needs.

The Arduino calls a PHP page at the backend that returns a string ended with chr(0) that is what is shown in the LED matrix. If DHCP is activated on your network, no IP configuration should be needed by the ethernet shield. It sends debug information through the serial port, so you can see the status and any errors that occur.

This Arduino part is detached from the project, it has no dependency on the rest of the project to function properly, so you can change the PHP page it asks for the data and show in the LED matrix completely different information, like weather report, current playing song, RSS feed, etc.”

You can see streaming live video of the tuitwall in action here. The project repo and more info can be found here.

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  1. Good morning,

    my name is Francesco.

    A year ago i bought a led panel “sure electronics P4 32X8 3208 red led
    dot matrix unit board spi like” and the “Arduino UNO” but i
    understand how to use the panel program.

    I would like to add some buttons and potentiometers to the system.
    For example: pressing the button “1” display lights up with the
    name wich runs for 30 seconds at least. Pressing another button display
    lights up with another saved name wich also runs for 30 seconds at least
    and so on for the other buttons wich have to recall the saved words.
    I also would like to know how to add two potentiometers: on for slide
    speed control and one just for time control.

    I’m waiting for your answer and i thank you in advance.


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