Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad evaluation board pre-orders open

The TI estore now has the Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad eval board available for pre-order at the promotional price of $4.99! Orders should begin shipping around September 25, 2012.

Go to the TI estore for more info and to place an order.

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  1. Be aware that you can *NOT* upgrade the memory on this w/ external parts. TI’s Cortex M3 has an SPI memory controller that can map SPI memory into the standard memory space…this is not in their Stellaris M4 chips.
    I cancelled my preorder. Might as well use a lower power MSP430 w/o the memory expansion to stick uclinux on it…

  2. I signed up to be notified when they opened preorders and got mine in on 08/31, although the website says they start to ship 09/25 the estimated ship date for my order is 10/03. If you want one I’d say order it now so you dont have to wait a while to get it. And they’re suppose to increase the price eventually.

  3. If you’re the kind of person who’s allergic to chip errata, I’d strongly recommend reading the documentation carefully before ordering one of these boards.

  4. I know that there were some issues with the M3 chips as they were products that were derived from a company that TI bought out. I would guess that now with the M4 release, that you should begin to see documentation more to the standard level that would be found for any other TI product.

  5. Note this *INCLUDES* International shipping, but the TI tool-chains are pretty hard to master (IMHO)

    I really wish one of the Arduino/ARM clones IDE’s would be flexible enough to work with this, its a nice spec CPU for $5.

  6. Just received an email telling me my shipping date has just been bumped back to 16th Nov 2012… Hmm, maybe I should not have criticized TI stupid promotional video.

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