Free webinar: FPGA programming in C code

Newark/element14 and David Pellerin, co-founder of Impulse Accelerated Technologies, have teamed up to offer a free webinar on programming in C code on an FPGA using the Altera Cyclone development platform. They promise, “In 45 minutes you will learn how you can leverage distributed processing for a C code algorithm across your entire embedded system – from the FPGA to the embedded processor.”

This program titled “Breakthrough Many-Core Processing Using the Altera Cyclone FPGA to Accelerate Your Embedded System” will be webcast on July 25, 2012, at 1:00 PM EDT. To register visit the element14 login/registration page. Five Webinar attendees are eligible to win a free copy of David Pellerin’s textbook, “Practical FPGA Programming in C” pictured above.

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  1. I detest webinars – I never get to see them. I’m usually stuck at work, or (like this one) it’s scheduled for 0230AM Australian CST time.

    For Buddha’s sake – just post it on Youtube and send me a link!

    1. I much prefer a good write-up with pictures/diagrams/code – i skip all video because it’s a hassle – you can not easilly use it for reference, you can not print it out to make notes on, occasionally you can not even understand the speaker(s) – those are just a couple of my peeves, to me video is close to useless (though as an additional piece with the actual text, it can be nice)

    2. Yup, “Webinar” that you can’t view after the fact without giving them a lot of personal information. Fail! When are the Marketing Goons gonna learn?

  2. Indeed, why have something ‘live’ these days. Really. I never watch live television, you can grab everything from the channel’s website these days, with less ads too.

    Ah well. C programming for FPGA’s sounds useless though. Why would you want to do that? Program a soft proccesor in it and you can program C. Use the FPGA where it’s really powerful for; parallel computations in hardware.

  3. all webinars are designed to be interactive, but if you have more then 20ppl the interactivity is not usable .. so that’s why simple yt video is usually better way to handle things … then make a forum topic to discuss it if clarification is required.

    as for C and FPGA it really depends what actually that book is about and what actually they talk about .. how to execute C algo in parallel hw is a serious and great topic, if that’s a topic at all …

  4. Oh, the content is potentially interesting enough. Translating C to FPGA hardware is a way to avoid using Verilog / VHDL I suppose. The very act of adding a microcontroller says a lot about design decisions. Something like…

    1. I want USB. Preferably High Speed. USB PHY isn’t support by an FPGA chip.
    2. Cypress chip has a built in 8051. Atmel SAM3U has all sorts of stuff…
    3. How best to take advantage of the microcontroller in my USB interface choice?

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