The Woz’s backpack contents revealed!

Steve Wozniak (“The Woz”) has published this incredible list of the gear he carries in his travel backpack. Dozens of gadgets, cables, gizmos and accessories, only a portion of which are pictured above. Enough to fill seven bins at airport security. “You might think this is abnormal for me but, to the contrary, it’s customary.” We understand, Woz.

Via Gizmodo.

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  1. Woz is an amazing Guy, he really is the uber geek!

    However this is just ridiculous. I could even understand having 2 phones, one for work, one for personal things. But 5 just for him? Really? And why is his watch in his backpack :p

    And so many chargers etc? One beefy USB charger and a few micro USB cables should do. Hell even Apple has proprietary connector -> micro USB.

    But yeah, 25kg … ouch.

    My backpack usually has Laptop, charger, USB cables. Phone is in my pants.

  2. This picture is just a proof that Apple produce only gizmos.
    Redundant functions in so many devices on that table, and not one of devices is good for all of them.
    That is really, really sad!

    1. So much duplication of function! Why? Sad stuff. I would be tempted to think that someone is trying to pull off an April fool’s joke, but coming from gizmodo……. Depressing stuff really, nothing ‘geeky’ about this. I expected better from Woz.

  3. On vacation, I took a Wii and 3DS for my son. We took two digital cameras, an iPod, our cellular phones, two kindles and my Mp3 player. We didn’t let room service in the motel until the end of the week because we were concerned about theft and then we had to beg the motel for a remote because they only had the Comcast remotes and not the tv remotes to change the settings for the Wii.. You can’t really expect to leave electronics in a hot parked car or on the beach.

    I’m afraid that these devices are all too often making us consumers instead of producers. I believe I ought to build more.

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