Recycled VCR head is a page turner

Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012 in DIY, gadget, hacks by the machinegeek

Rohit is an engineer who often wades through lengthy PDF documents online. He found that scrolling through multiple pages with the mouse wheel had a way of wearing out his fingers, so he repurposed an old VCR head and a USB mouse, combining them into a jog wheel/spinner to scroll through long pages of text.

You never know what use you’ll find for scavenged parts!

Rohit has the photos and details on this project at his NutsAndBoltsAndFlyingSparks website.
Via the contact form.

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4 Responses to “Recycled VCR head is a page turner”

  1. magetoo says:

    Neat hack! Good mechanical knobs can be surprisingly useful – and surprisingly expensive, if you prefer to buy instead of make.

    Couple of points of crankiness:

    Am I the only one that uses the Page Up / Page Down keys nowadays? I have noticed websites are getting full of fixed elements (like menu bars) that interfere with paging. And people are making usability claims about the web saying how bad scrolling is, seemingly unaware that actual paging even exists.

    Via the contact form.

    It aint via anything if it was directly submitted to you. (You have no idea how long this has been bugging me.)

    Gives me a couple of ideas, though; be on the lookout for story tips delivered by singing telegram, or attached to an arrow shot through open windows!

    • LA says:

      I agree it is pretty cool!

      And also, sometimes I exclusively use the Page Up/Down keys for certain websites, that are so slow and filled with junk and images, that trying to use the scrollbar isn’t much help.

  2. bzorg says:

    Nice hack !

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