Microchip promotion – PIC24F microstick for $9.99

bearmos draws our attention to a quick deal! “If you’re interested in the PIC24F series (that DP uses quite readily) – MC is running a promotion where you can get a PIC24F microstick for $9.99 (excluding taxes and shipping) if you place an order today or tomorrow (6/29/12). It looks like a decent little board with a programmer/debugger built in – it also has some unpopulated headers that look like they’d be breadboard compatible. Here’s the normal product page. As well as the datasheet.

Via the forum.

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  1. The estimated shipping date is at the end of August right now, but $14 shipped is a good deal for this stick.

    1. Yeah, there were only a dozen or so left when I placed my order, I added an ARM dev board to my order, so the $4 shipping was shared :). As a note, you can call in with your sales order number and add additional items over the phone (adding online doesn’t seem to work).

  2. Pity about the $30 shipping to Australia. Would have been a nice pick-up except for that shipping slug.

  3. Thank you. I bought one. The promotion makes the difference of buying one vs not buying one for me.

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