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  1. When it comes to the cortex series, there’s a problem – and Freescale isn’t the only one to have it. The problem is USB – and High Speed (480Mbps).

    There are plenty of Full Speed (12Mbps) USB devices, including some incredible low-power options. Kinetis KL2 family, for example. However, once you decide to go “High Speed” you need to to go MUCH higher – K20 series, top of the line, MK20FX512Vyy12 144-pin beast.

    Its like looking for a knife, and finding this:

    If someone made a simple ARM Cortex M0+ with high speed USB, I’d love it. Until then, I’ll stick with FTDI or Cypress solutions.

  2. I don’t think the lack of high speed USB is a particular problem. It’s in the same price range as the Arduino, and significantly more powerful. I’ve ordered one to look at how it compares to that kind of microcontroller. I can easily imagine it having uses as the controller for a UAV or self-balancing vehicle for a start – the kind of problem where you don’t need fast USB (or any USB), where the power consumption will be low compared to the motors, and where an ATMEGA chip can ‘just about’ do what it needs to, but which may benefit from that additional power.
    Given the pin compatibility, I wonder if anyone’s done an imitation IDE to support just porting over Arduino code? Or is it the point where the demands pushing for a better chip also marks the point where makes more sense to switch to a more sophisticated IDE?

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