Spansion serial Flash sample offer

Spansion together with Avnet has announced a marketing promotion for Spansion FL Serial Flash memory.

“Spansion FL Serial Flash memory offers a reduced pin count for lower system cost while providing optimal read/write performance for a variety of automotive, networking, consumer electronics and industrial applications. With read speeds up to 133 MHz clock speed in Single/Dual/Quad IO mode and 66 MHz for double data rate (DDR) modes, the FL family delivers up to 66 MBytes/sec of read throughput.

Together with Avnet Electronics Marketing, Spansion is offering qualified registrants six FLS flash samples. Devices offered include the S25FL128SAGMFI001, S25FL128SAGMFI010, S25FL128SAGNFI001, S25FL128SAGNFI011, S25FL256SAGMFI001 and S25FL256SAGMFI011.Offer ends November 30, or while supplies last.”

To obtain more information or to register to receive samples, visit the Spansion FLS Flash Offer page.

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  1. That’s funny because I actually wanted a small number of Spansion’s SPI parts a year back. The only way I was ever able to get any was because I happen to live in Sunnyvale and know the right people. I’m glad to finally see them figuring out how to make using their parts easier.

  2. It is a pity that the Avnet person from my local region that I corresponded with for a recent parts request was rude and basically could not be bothered dealing with me or my piddling little order.

    It has turned me off using Avnet (and Maxim – the supplier who pushed me to Avnet)

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