SDR#: C#-based SDR app

Here’s a new open source Windows SDR application. According to the developers, “SDR# (read SDR Sharp) is a simple, intuitive, small and fast PC-based DSP application for Software Defined Radio. It’s written in C# with both object design correctness and performance in mind. The main purpose is to offer a simple proof of concept application to get hands into DSP techniques. It supports SoftRock, FiFiSDR, FUNcube Dongle, SDR-4 and any sound card based SDR front end.”

The program’s setup instruction page makes no mention of the RTL-SDR, but users of that hardware may want to give it a try.

You can download the application and source code from SDRsharp.

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  1. Yup, it works for me on an RTL device via Balint Seeber’s USRP/RTL/FUNcube ExtIO driver. Looks like the stable version doesn’t have ExtIO support yet, but the dev build does. Like Victor’s link says, make sure you extract it into the ExtIO install dir so it can find the DLL.

    The UI is a bit rough compared to the Winrad-alikes, it’s a bit clunkier to tune around and have a look at what’s out there a MHz at a time, but the sound quality is good. I like it and it’s always nice to see new SDR developments.

    I do wish GnuRadio was easier to get working on Windows though. I’d love to play around with trying out my own SDRs, instead of just the same handful (AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB, etc.) that seem to be hardcoded into all the Windows SDR GUIs being made.

  2. I’ve just tried the current development version with stereo capability. Looks like it supports the DVB-T dongles out of the box. I didn’t have to copy any ExtIO files. Stereo decoding works nicely.

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