Email cleared and RSS feed fixed

We finished responding to every email received during the Maker Faire, and wrote everyone who gave us a business card. If you were expecting a mail and didn’t get one, please followup again, it may have been lost in the shuffle.

In site news, something happened to the RSS feed that caused it show a summary instead of the complete article. We’d never intentionally limit the feed to an excerpt, it looks like there was a problem with WordPress or a plugin. Everything has been upgraded and the cache cleared, the feed seems to show the full articles in our Thunderbird RSS subscription now. We apologize for any annoyance caused.

Image from Mozilla Thunderbird.

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      1. Thanks, as far as I can tell this is something firefox is doing. The full source is there (right click, view source), and I don’t see any tags that would limit length (if that even exists).

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