Openmoko USB product ID and IEEE OUI (Ethernet MAC address) range available

Kelvin informs us that Openmoko is making available USB Product ID and IEEE OUI (MAC Address) allocations to the community. According to the Openmoko wiki, “As the Openmoko products have been discontinued, Openmoko Inc. is opening up the use of its Vendor ID for use by the Free and Open Source software and hardware communities. This means you can simply register your devices and will get an allocation of a Product ID for free.”

Check the Openmoko site for details.

Harald Welte’s blog via the contact form.

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  1. I thought the USB-IF prohibited the reselling of device IDs, have they changed their policy? (I guess the main consequence would be you’d be unable to get logo certification for your device, but that’s not really an issue for hobbyists.)

  2. As far as I know there is no change. This is a really interesting development. I’d be curious to know which version of the USB-IF (non)contract that they signed.

    1. Should I heat up the patch generator to submit a patch for the Linux kernel… finally we get a buspirate ID :D

      Bus 006 Device 002: ID 0x1d50:0x611e Dangerous Prototypes, Buspirate V4

  3. Note they’re not reselling them …
    They’re attributing them free of charge to community projects.

    1. Hi Oliver, thanks for the tip, this one rolled in 4 or 5 places at the same time. I’m really interested to see what happens. I updated my USB VID talk for the open hardware summit to mention this new development (yummy ethernet ids too!).

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