The Retrobits Podcast

If you are into vintage computing here’s a podcast for you. Earl Evans of Retrobits has returned from a one-year hiatus to bring us more episodes of The Retrobits Podcast. This podcast is about all aspects of retrocomputing. Like he says, “if it’s got 8-bits, paper tape, BASIC in ROM… or if it’s just plan old, you’ve come to the right place.” Earl previously released 140 episodes of Retrobits podcast from July, 2005 to April, 2011. Now he’s back, and planning on releasing new shows on a regular basis. We understand Earl’s also a fan of the Parallax Propeller, and discusses it from time to time on his show.

You can find all episodes of The Retrobits Podcast at Earl’s Retrobits page or from iTunes. (If using iTunes, do not confuse The Retrobits Podcast with the similarly named but unrelated Retrobits Show.)

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