Homebrew electronic tubes

Ante Vukorepa draws our attention to this video of Claude Paillard, a French radio amateur (F2FO), making his own tubes (also known as thermionic valves) from scratch. “The video depicts the whole process, from winding the filament through making the glassware, assembly and vacuuming, to testing. Pretty awesome!”

For more information on Claude’s activities as well as links to articles on vintage radio topics, go to Claude’s website. (In French; if English is needed, click on the Google translate link at the top of Claude’s webpage.)

Via the contact form.

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  1. Wow, I enjoyed every second of that. That trumps Jeri’s baking transistors in the kitchen video :-)

  2. Considering how well amplifiers sound on tubes and considering how much work goes into making boards, I think tubes should really be brought back.

  3. I would hope this NEVER becomes a lost ART!!….at the price of some tubes today, a smart group in the right country could capitalize on the shortage of good in-expensive tubes!….plus it’d give us hams some some much needed parts, some would even say better parts than todays smd replacement stuff…I’ll dig the vacuum pump out later this spring and see what happens,

  4. I really enjoyed this video. The *same* Corona ad like 20 times, not so much. :)

    I like how so much of his equipment sounds like jet engines. Beautiful results. Real craftsmanship.

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