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Posted on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 in documentation, site by the machinegeek

Squonk alerts us to a very interesting online resource. California Technical Publishing has posted a complete copy of The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith, PhD. This 640 page volume covers all aspects of DSP and is both searchable online and downloadable. The site also includes links to software and code examples from the book.

Though it appears to be the 1997 edition, this is still a valuable resource for beginners wanting to learn about DSP without investing a lot of money.

Via the contact form.

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7 Responses to “Free online DSP book”

  1. hardcore says:

    Made absolutely as hard a possible to download the PDF chapter, or indeed the complete book.

  2. Jerry Reed says:

    Smith’s book is excellent. I never had a problem downloading individual chapter PDFs. Maybe something has changed. I was so impressed with the quality of the exposition and explanations for the non-Engineer (me) that I bought a physical copy of the book in support. I recommend it most highly.

  3. torwag says:

    Scrolling threw the table of content, I wouldn’t claim that this book is an old version only valuable for beginners. It covers all the basics and some advanced topics. They are pretty much the same today as they was 15 years ago.
    Thus, it might be nice as a reference or to refresh kknowledge in a particular subject again.
    Plus, the author agree to use chapters as references during teaching classes. That might be of interest for some people too.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to download the entire book.

  4. Drone says:

    “Yes, It’s true – You can browse and/or download the entire book without charge”. A lie. You cannot easily download this book at all.

  5. Fabio Utzig says:

    “Though it appears to be the 1997 edition”. As stated on the website there’s only one edition. The one from Newnes had only the name changed.

    As for downloading the whole book what I did was to download each chapter:

    $ for i in $(seq 1 34); do wget -c “${i}.PDF”; done

    And merged them using:

    10 minutes of work and now I’m reading on the iPad!

  6. John Turturro says:

    @Fabio you just saved my day!
    I’ve had the 34pdfs laying around for two years I think, now I can merge them!

  7. rsdio says:

    I had these PDFs for a long time, but I often forgot to reference them because I always go to my stack of DSP books first. So, I eventually bought a physical copy of the book to sit on the shelf and remind me (besides, I don’t have an iPad). This book has some of the best descriptions of several DSP topics. If you can understand everything in this book then you probably know just about everything you need to know about DSP.

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