Global Geek Tour: Cheonggycheon surface mount components in ‘building A’

In the very last hour of scouting we stumbled into surface mount part heaven, the place we have always been looking for.

Feet tired, batteries dead, and SD cards full – we almost didn’t bother to climb yet another flight of stairs. On the third and four floors of “building A“* there are dozens of shops selling SMD parts by the meter and reel.

Resistors, capacitors, inductors, chips, connectors, name it. Microchip, Atmel, Analog Devices, Maxim, and more were all available from distributors with small glass offices packed with boxes and parts.

By the time we were there most were closed. It isn’t browser friendly, and it’s definitely not intended as a tourist destination. You’re best off with a Korean speaking guide, we were shown around by a local we met earlier in the day. Hacker Space Seoul hopes to make this easier on visitors to any part of Cheonggycheon by mapping out friendly shops that they like to use. See the highlight of our trip below.

*Let us know if there’s a name. Sae Eun Sang Ga, or Sae Eun Arcade. Thanks Paco!

Parts on reels in piles. You can walk in and make a request, but this isn’t browser friendly. This is probably what the offices of the smaller eBay dealers from China look like.

Piles of reels in office and sitting in the hallways.

Lots of kits and hobby projects. Many on display in the window. One of the few shopper friendly places.

A Microchip distributor advertisement.

Reels sitting in hallways of floor 4.

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  1. Hi, awesome tour!

    “Building A” is called “Sae Eun Sang Ga” (Sang Ga means “Shopping arcade”, so Sae Eun Arcade, but of course Koreans (and most people) call it by its Korean name.)

    It is a very famous market and even many none electronics oriented Koreans know where it is or have at least heard of it.

    If you need directions to the Cheonggycheon electronics market area, it is probably your best bet to ask for directions to Sae Eun Sang Ga. If you just ask for Cheonggycheon, people will either not really know what to tell you, or think you are just talking about the fake river.

    Great Job!

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